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Tribute to Paul Shimizu

The team at THIS IS SPORTS! Will be doing a special-edition podcast dedication to the late and great "UNCLE" Paul Shimizu. If you wish to have your thoughts read during the podcast, or wish to call in leave us a note here. If you prefer to send us a pre-recorded voice message, you can email it to

If you would like to call in, send us your mobile number and we'll message you when to call in, so you can be heard!

Although we won't limit your words on air, we recommend no more than a page long as there will be many who will want to pay tribute to Uncle Paul. If you wish to keep your name anonymous, be sure to let us know within the message.  

We hope to hear from you before our recording session next week April 14th at 7PM.


Thank you & SYM

THIS IS SPORTS! Podcast Team


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