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Guam's 9th duly elected governor, Lourdes "Lou" Leon Guerrero joins us in the Minty Fresh Studio to speak candidly about herself, her administration and what keeps her going through the ups and downs of 'governing' the U.S. Territory of Guam.

The island's first woman governor, shares her insight on dealing with the pandemic, her decision making process and her next 'big' challenge should she win a second term in office.

Forever to be known as Guam's CEO of the PANDEMIC, "The Gov" reflects on her critics and stands firm on her decisions throughout the public emergency. She also was gracious to open up about her private life and even goes as far as choosing her favorite child!

Love her or hate her, the one thing you can't do, is ignore her — so grab a cold one, sit back and let's chat with the Magahaga herself on Mint Talks!

Studio Notes:

We only had a 45 minute window with the Governor with her busy schedule of governing and seeking re-election, there's definitely more to talk about and explore... so consider this part-one of many more interviews to come.

Recorded on 10.25.2022


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