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Guam Department of Agriculture's Territorial Veterinarian of 16 years, Dr. Tom Pool, joins us in the Minty Fresh studio to discuss animal control, feral pigs, animal/human disease outbreaks — such as COVID pandemic and how it all works (or doesn't). The good doctor, discusses solutions to the local boonie dog problem, and breaks down the complicated story behind the Corona virus, vaccinations and all the science behind it. I also ask him what's the craziest shit he's encountered in all his years as a veterinarian... you won't want to miss his answer! Yikes!!

Dr. Pool also has some sage advice on how to live a happy life...

So take off your clothes, put on the hospital robe and grab a drink while you wait for the doctor to arrive. I'm no doctor, but HE is — so listen carefully you just might learn something!

Studio Notes:

Episode 18

Originally recorded 04/30/2021 - I purposely delayed this release to allow proper time for news of the vaccine and other things COVID related to settle down. As you can see, the session has aged well.


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