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Every story has a beginning

Back around 2017, I reached a point where I had completed more than 100 speaking appearances, both on Guam and in different parts of the world. I reflected back then how lucky I was to have had all those opportunities to engage with so many different audiences about so many different things. It was about this time that I also realized that all that experience was one and done.  No one else would hear all the great conversations that transpired. I wanted to change that but didn’t quite know how to do so. I briefly thought about holding a few live events, inviting speakers to engage with me and recording those moments in perpetuity. But, putting together a live event is expensive, time consuming and getting the right guests together at the same time and place was tricky. I shelved the idea, but had the mindset to purchase the Mint Talks domain name and hold onto it for a rainy day.


Well, that rainy day soon would appear without much warning. It was close to 2020, and I still didn’t have a clear plan as to how to dust Mint Talks off my shelf any time soon. In my inbox appeared my annual reminder to renew the domain from my domain provider. I hesitated to renew. “Would I ever really do anything with this?” I thought. For a moment, I thought about letting the name go. But something inside me told me to hit renew, and I did.


January 2020 arrived, and with it arrived the Coronavirus. COVID-19 was eventually declared a global pandemic and triggered a worldwide shut down (a time out). Everything changed. As every country began instituting quarantine measures to avoid the massive death predictions that analysts were estimating, our access to places and people closed. Social distancing became the buzzword wherever you went. Wear a mask, stay at least six-feet apart and don’t engage with other people became the norm. Days went by, weeks passed, eventually months —  and despite the fact that new cases of COVID-19 was declining, the world wasn’t ready to get back to normal.


In the dust of chaos, some of us see clearer. I could never had predicted in 2017 that I would launch Mint Talks as a podcast. In fact, I could absolutely say it was never intended to be a podcast. Nope. But here we all were. Stuck in our homes, social distancing, mindlessly scrolling through social media, messaging friends and delivering to our liver an extra daily dose of *fuck you*. If this was the new normal, perhaps then, I needed to be a new me. If I couldn’t hang out with friends, family and associates in person, I could do it remotely. If we were going to die tomorrow (because of the virus), might as well document all the interesting conversations with the awesome people I’m talking to. If I drop dead tomorrow, at least my children could crank up the Mint Talks archives and get to know their dad episode by episode.


So now that you know the backstory to this endeavor, I hope you enjoy the podcast.  I’ve given myself a target of 100 interviews to complete before retiring the project (everything needs a happy ending).  In between “MINT TALKS” guest interviews, I’ll post monologues and Kelli (the librarian) will join me to share what she’s been reading. I know some of you will wish I didn’t curse so much on the podcast, but in light of the new normal we live in, I think a few bad words won’t kill anyone.

If you're interested in becoming a guest, drop me a line and let's mint something together.

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