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Title: Politricks vs. Politics

09/30/2022 - Episode #4 of the special-edition monologue series on Mint Talks. It's National Podcast Day! Whoo-hoo! Kaz reflects on the upcoming Guam General Election and provides some helpful tips & insight on your power to vote. Enjoy and GO VOTE!!



Title: Give Kudos When Kudos Is Due

02/26/2021 - Episode #3 of the special-edition monologue series on Mint Talks. Kaz reflects on social media mobs and how you can't post a compliment on Facebook anymore... Kaz suggests something novel - like giving kudos to those who deserve it — directly to those who are responsible for it.



Title: Ecommerce 101

09/17/2020 - Episode #2 on the special-edition monologue series on Mint Talks. In this episode, your Minty Fresh host provides some advice on how to set up an online store. Businesses who want to take the steps towards creating an e-commerce environment to supplement their current business model or replace their brick-and-mortar altogether, take note — this episode will make you just dangerous enough to get started.



Title: Open Guam Again

09/04/2020 - For this debut episode, Minter-In-Chief, Kaz Endo, provides commentary on the extension of PCOR1 into the second week of September and challenges elected leaders to reconsider their current approach to handling the pandemic emergency; especially as it relates to the essential and non-essential business binary decision making policies.


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