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Welcome to MINT TALKS - the website.


We are an arbitrator of free minds where we encourage political incorrectness if you so please, but not just for the sake of being a dick. We welcome raw, unfiltered talk between great minds who also happen to be interesting people!


Our signature podcast "Mint Talks", feature guests are who I find interesting and can share a drink and conversation with on any given day and topic. We also mint recurring special edition episodes such as Read A Fucking Book and our version of a monologue called Mono-Mints.

As a reminder, our podcasts are for adults (children can listen to us when they grow up). It's candid and brutally honest about thought without the judgment. We curse, we drink, we smoke cigars, we eat, we talk. Most of all, we try to mint something interesting every episode.


Join us and be part of the post podcast discussion! We'll have commentary opportunity on our Facebook page. You can find us at MINT TALKS (the Facebook page).

By the way, from time to time, we'll hold a LIVE event (MINT TALKS the LIVE EVENT), and welcome back some of our featured guests so that you can meet them in person for greater engagement.

Well, that's it for now. Have fun and enjoy our podcast! If you're interested enough to be a guest on the show, send me a shout and we'll book you for a future episode!

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